The Sociological Imagination in Action 

We are currently experiencing a moment of extreme social change—our lives are quantifiable, connected, fragmented, and increasingly digital and singularly ours in ways they have never been before. Under these conditions, what needs do people have, and how can you use this information to design and implement truly meaningful experiences that work towards the social good?


I believe  you need to think and design like a sociologist—you need to understand social dynamics and human contexts—the human ties, social networks, and lived cultural experience that shape social life—and integrate theory through qualitative and quantitative data to responsibly and rigorously test models of behavioral change and build human-centered solutions.


Think of it as a more rigorous and empirical approach to design methods and a more humanistic approach to big data. A sociological perspective focuses on the relations between individuals to understand and influence human behavior, rather than biological or psychological propensities. Because, as foundational social theorist Emile Durkheim states, people become fully human only in and through society. Social theory and sociological methods bring rigor to the practice of insight generation, design methodologies, and can deepen the richness and relevance of innovation, brand, and organizational strategy. 


  • Duke University, Ph.D.

  • Duke University, M.A.

  • Dartmouth College, B.A.

Expertise: "Jill of all trades, master of some" 

Marketing & Branding, Organizational Management, Innovation & Design, Implementation, Research & Evaluation